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Image of eni Rotra bike synth 75W-90

eni Rotra bike synth 75W-90

$29.00 AUD

1 Ltr Bottle

Supplied by Agip Lubricants Australia 0405512406

Eni Rotra Bike Synth 75W-90 is a synthetic gear oil with maximum pressure characteristics for the safe lubrication of transmissions and final drives of motorcycles and scooters.

Quality characteristics:

The very good EP characteristics of the eni Rotra Bike Synth 75W-90 protect the surfaces of the tooth flanks reliably against wear, even under extreme conditions and with relative movements with high sliding parts. The high viscosity index of eni Rotra Bike Synth 75W-90 ensures very good low-temperature flow behavior, which ensures the best functioning of the gearbox even at the lowest outside temperatures. A very stable high-temperature viscosity ensures continuous protection of the lubricated parts at all application temperatures.

The high-quality synthetic base oils used give an excellent thermal and oxidation resistance, thus protecting against lacquer formation, deposits and other decomposition products and maintaining the performance of the lubricant even at longest changing intervals.


eni Rotra Bike Synth 75W-90 complies with the requirements of the following specifications: API GL-4 and GL-5 - eni Rotra Bike Synth 75W-90 replaces product: Agip Formula Moto Gear-Synth SAE 75W-90. Note the manufacturer's instructions.

- Best for Moto Guzzi

Also available 80W-90 & 85W-90

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